Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mocca Singapore Ad posting

To place an ad in Mocca Singapore classified ad portal, just follow the link which leads you to the FAQ section contens as shown below:



Posting code of conduct

Placing Ads

My Account (Managing Your Ads)

Click each section and follow the instructions given.

When placing the ad, please follow the steps given my Mocca as below:

Ten steps to placing an ad on Mocca
1 Make sure you're registered and logged in
2 Go to the
Place Ad page
3 Confirm your contact details for the ad
4 Select the type of Ad Listing and Category/Sub-category
5 Write your ad (
See Tips on Writing Effective Ads)
6 Enhance your ad, if you want, with additional information and/or images
7 Preview ad
8 Save ad
9 Select a price plan (or get a price plan if you don't have any)
10 Publish your ad

Once an ad is placed, it will last for 7 days, after which it will be removed.
To re-activate the same ads for another 7 days, just log-in, go to the upper right side, clidk on 'my account' (next to 'FAQ') and click the 'MY INACTIVE ADS' and check the ad which you want to list, and then click the 'PUBLISH' icon. The ad will then appear under 'MY ACTIVE ADS' section.

Here is another ads which I have placed. here..

Note: In case after 7 days, the above ads link cannot be shown, then click the original picture link below.


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